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What do marketing majors learn in class?

Marketing majors don’t learn just about marketing. As a Texas Wesleyan student, you’ll learn all about the things it takes to make a successful business. You’ll take classes in economics, accounting, finance, international business and more. As you go deeper into your major, you’ll take courses more geared towards marketing, such as Mass Media and Society, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Principles of Advertising and other classes designed to give you a well-rounded education. While every student’s path will look a little different, here’s some of the key marketing knowledge you’ll learn in your small classes.

Learning how marketing touches everyone

Did you know that the average consumer sees over 5,000 marketing efforts per day? That’s a LOT of ads! In your Principles of Advertising class, you’ll get to really know about the ethics of marketing and the role that advertising plays in society. You’ll also learn about concepts like marketing message creation, budget determination, agency-client relationships, media and the social responsibility of advertisers. You’ll never look at an ad the same way again! 

Understanding customer needs

Ever heard of New Coke? How about the McDLT, Google Glass or the Zune? If not, you’re not alone — that’s because they’re some of the worst marketing flops in the last few decades. To be really good at marketing, you need to understand your customers and their behaviors. Knowing consumer behaviors are the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign, and you’ll learn all about the science behind what makes a customer in your Consumer Behaviors class. There’s no way of knowing what kind of consumer behavior studies went into the products that we mentioned earlier, but they’re a great example of what happens when you don’t know what your customers want. And if future Seinfeld star Jason Alexander couldn’t save the McDLT, then maybe research could have stopped it.

Dipping your toes into international waters

Take a look at the products around you. There’s a good chance that you have something that you can reach out and grab that was manufactured as part of the global marketplace. In today’s world, international marketing is more important than ever. In International Marketing, you’ll learn to think critically about marketing strategies in the global environment and learn how to market products to different cultures across the globe.

Mastering supply and demand in consumer markets

With a strict focus on the interactions between suppliers and consumers, retailing — the selling of products and services to consumers — dives into the concepts and practices behind retail management. You’ll learn the functions of the system and think critically about the system through projects, discussion and research.


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