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Ultrasound Skills Soar

05.16.2024 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

Ultrasound Skills Soar

GPNA faculty, especially those teaching in Advanced Assessment and Human Patient Simulation, have created a radical new curriculum for nurse anesthesia students.

Beginning semester 1, each student is required to complete modules related to ultrasound basics, knobology, eFAST, and other basic POCUS curricula. Following these introductory modules, students progress to actually producing ultrasound images of a variety of anesthesia-related exams.  These exams include: gastric content, pulmonary views, vascular views of the IVC, abdominal aorta, IJ, subclavian vein, and radial and femoral artery.  Basic cardiac ultrasound views such as an apical 4 chamber, subxiphoid, parasternal long axis, and parasternal short axis are included. Finally, an overview to over 20 different blocks of upper extremity, lower extremity and truncal nerves is introduced.

Upon completion of the 2nd semester, the required deliverable is an individual students portfolio of the completed modules along with screenshots of completed ultrasound exams and nerve anatomy. This portfolio will be invaluable as graduates compete for jobs.  As a follow-up in the 3rd semester (prior to beginning clinical residency), students attend a 4 day Simulation Symposium now in its 8th year which includes experience on live models and pulsatile cadavers.


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