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GPNA alumna featured on ABC's Good Morning America

12.17.2020 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

The “Year of the Nurse” has been met with both tragedies and triumphs in many “weighs.” Descriptors for this year might include pandemic, quarantine, masks and new vaccine, among others. Another descriptor includes the “Quarantine 15,” referring to weight gain because of the consumption of comfort foods during times of stress and restrictions keeping people at home.

When another decade closed out and 2020 was ushered in, one GPNA alumna set her sights on a year of positive change. Alison Miller, class of 2018, was determined to roll back the numbers on her scale even before the pandemic became the focus of the national news. Alison describes that she added approximately 30 pounds while attending anesthesia school and was determined to begin a healthier lifestyle in 2020.

With a weight loss goal of 75 pounds, Alison purchased a Peloton bike and joined a Facebook group of like-minded Peloton users. She experienced a slow start being able to only “tolerate 20-minute classes.” But as she lost pounds and gained endurance, she was able to work into longer classes. She shared that additional motivation came from working 50+ hours intubating and placing arterial lines and central venous access catheters in the COVID unit in her Ohio hospital. Despite her demanding schedule, she will achieve an almost 52-week streak of riding her Peloton bike by the end of 2020.

Alison’s family and coworkers weren’t the only ones to take note of her major lifestyle change. She posted before and after pictures of herself on her Peloton bike Facebook group page and “it exploded with likes and comments.” She even caught the attention of a representative from Good Morning America! Because of her incredible success and outgoing personality, Alison soon found herself being asked if she would be a part of the show's “QuaranLEAN” segment for in August.

She describes her experience with Good Morning America as “surreal.” The pandemic prevented her from being in the studio with the hosts but that didn’t stop her from feeling like she was there and being an inspiration to others. During the 4-minute live segment, she shared her story virtually after viewers witnessed her transformation pictures. Following the segment, Alison received a QuaranLEAN medal from the national show. The segment can be seen above or on Good Morning America's website.

Alison shared that she “feels so much more energy to do more things with my family!” She is mindful of not only what she is eating but also what her husband and children are taking in. Her entire family has been transformed due to her healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss. She admits to an occasional “cheat day” but says that it’s “all about balance.” 

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