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Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.
Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.
Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.

QEP Development

2011-12 QEP Development Team

  • Dr. Elizabeth Battles, Chair
  • Ms. Michelle Rigual
  • Dr. Jerry Bierschenk
  • Dr. Sinan Yildirim
  • Dr. Edita Ruzgyte
  • Dr. Annette Torres
  • Dr. Mary Anne Clark
  • Dr. Jay Brown
  • Mr. Chris Windsor
  • Mr. Garry Jones
  • Dr. Jeff Smith

QEP Development Plan

Developing the QEP

  1. Selecting the Topic
  2. Defining the Student Learning Outcomes
  3. Researching the Topic
  4. Identifying the Actions to be Implemented
  5. Establishing the Timeline for Implementation
  6. Organizing for Success
  7. Identifying Necessary Resources
  8. Assessing the Success of the QEP
  9. Preparing the QEP for Submission

September 2011:

  • Identify members of the QEP Development Team
  • Refine the Topic of the QEP
    • Get definition from CLA, CIC, AAC&U and other sources
    • Research other Critical Thinking QEPs
    • Define “Critical Thinking” in each discipline
      • Survey
      • Schools/departmental meetings
      • Faculty Council
      • Faculty Assembly

October 2011:

  • Define Student Learning Outcomes
    • QEP Team drafts Potential Student Learning Outcomes
    • QEP Team meets with standing committees
    • Surveys (faculty, staff, students, alumni, Board of Trustees)
    • Focus groups (faculty, staff, students, alumni, Board of Trustees)

November and December 2011:

  • Research the QEP Topic
    • Assemble bibliography of available literature
    • Read other University’s QEPs
    • QEP Development Team submits executive summaries of items in bibliography

Spring 2012:

  • Identify the actions and activities to implement the plan
    • Identify participating classes/programs
    • Identify faculty development if necessary
  • Establish the Timeline for Implementation
  • Identify Resources for developing, implementing, and sustaining the QEP.
    • Financial
    • Physical
    • Human
  • Organize for the implementation and continuation of QEP
    • Who is responsible for each activity?
      • Do they have qualifications and authority to fulfill responsibilities?
    • Who is responsible for keeping budgets?
    • Who is responsible for monitoring progress?
    • Who is responsible for modifying the plan?
    • Any compensation for implementers?

Summer 2012:

  • Develop Assessment Plan for QEP
    • Multifaceted
    • Key objectives
    • Benchmarks

Fall 2012:

  • Prepare the QEP for submission
  • Draft Due December 1, 2012

Component Parts of the QEP

The QEP is a 100-page document consisting of:

  • 5-year plan linking focus and outcomes of QEP to resources
  • Brief Title
  • Topic linked to improvement of student learning
  • Clear definition of student learning related to the focus of the QEP
  • Documentation of broad-based involvement
  • Well crafted goals that can be measured
  • Documentation of research based on best practices
  • Implementation plan inclusive of timelines, budgets, assessment schedule, and personnel
  • Evaluation plan
  • Appendices (not to exceed 25 pages)