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Passing your superintendent exam

10.22.2015 | By:
Know what to expect and what to prepare for before taking your superintendent certificate exam.

It takes a lot of hard work to earn your superintendent certificate. First, you need to go through all of the requirements to become a teacher and find out what it is like to be in charge of a classroom. Then, you need to take classes and earn a certification that shows you are capable of being in charge of a district. But the hard work isn’t over once you’ve turned in your final paper. The last step in becoming a superintendent is passing your superintendent exam. 

What to Expect

In Texas, the superintendent exam is the TExES exam, which is scored from 100-300, and 240 being the lowest score you can get in order to pass. The test consists of 100 multiple choice questions, including 80 scored questions.

Although all of the questions are multiple choice, you will find that there are several different formats:

  • Single Questions
  • Decisions Sets
  • Decision Set:  Sample Stimulus Material
  • Decision Set:  Single Question
  • Decision Set: Second Stimulus
  • Clustered Questions

The test is broken down into three domains:

  1. Leadership of the Educational Community
  2. Instructional Leadership
  3. Administrative Leadership

These domains are broken down into competencies, or clearly defined sets of skills, abilities and knowledge that a superintendent must be able to apply to required tasks for their role.

Use Your Resources

As you work toward your superintendent certificate, you will discuss a lot of theory and get firsthand experience that will show up on your superintendent exam. Be sure to rely on your fellow classmates and instructors for questions and concerns. this support group may serve to be a vital tool as you work toward passing your exam.

When the time comes to start studying, you will want to refer to the TExES Superintendent Preparation Manual.  The manual includes practice test questions and example decision sets for you to fully prepare for the evaluation.

On the day of your test, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Be well-rested. You’ve heard it for every test you’ve ever taken, but it’s important!
  • Don’t forget several number two pencils and a form of identification
  • Double-check the time and location of your exam
  • Also, be sure you know how long you can expect the test to take
  • Reward yourself once the test is over. You’ve taken one of the last steps before becoming a school superintendent!

If you are a teacher who is considering a career as a superintendent, learn more about our superintendent certificate program now.

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