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Sumners Scholars Named for 2024/2025

On Friday, April 5, trustees from the Sumners Foundation interviewed candidates from Texas Wesleyan University for the Sumners Scholars Program.  The eight finalist who were interviewed had been chosen by a preliminary selection committee from nearly 30 applicants for the prestigious program.  Sumners trustees selected two new Scholars for the upcoming academic year.

The following students were selected by Sumners Trustees as the Fall 2024 recipients of the Sumners Scholarships:

  • Ariel Armstrong
  • Micaelli (Mica) Kate Magday

Ariel and Micaelli will join the two Sumners Scholars currently in the program.

The interviews were followed by a lunch in honor of this year's graduating scholars, Bailey O'Donnell and Benjamin Reckart.   

In addition to a generous scholarship, Texas Wesleyan Sumners Scholars attend the Texas Tribune Festival and the Sumners Scholars Weekend each year. Scholars also have the opportunity to participate in various lunches and lectures sponsored by the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI). Finally, scholars also serve the community through volunteer opportunities.  

The endowed Sumners Scholarship Program was established at Texas Wesleyan University in 1994. Since that time, many TXWES students have been honored as Sumners Scholars. The scholarship carries not only a significant stipend but also various extracurricular opportunities specifically designed to develop scholars' leadership potential.  

Students apply to the Sumners program during their sophomore year, and the scholarship takes effect when they are juniors the subsequent fall semester. For more information about the Sumners Scholarship, visit

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