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Program Questions

Application Deadline: Dec. 2, 2021

‌Can I receive other institutional scholarships in conjunction with the Sumners scholarship?

Perennial GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee with Texas Wesleyan Hatton Sumners Scholars Abbey Borghee and Misty Wilkins.Yes. Total awards, however, cannot exceed the cost of tuition.

Are additional fees – such as general or technology fees – paid for as well?

No. You are responsible for paying these charges before the payment deadline each semester.

Do I have to be a current Texas Wesleyan student to apply for the Sumners scholarship?

No. However, you must be planning to attend Texas Wesleyan in the fall 2023 semester and, as with all financial aid opportunities, you must first apply and be admitted to Texas Wesleyan University prior to being eligible for the scholarship.

Medal & 2014 Program wood backgroundDo I have to be one of the listed preferred majors to receive the Sumners scholarship?

No. Preference is given to students who are majoring in political science, pre-law or history, and to those who plan to teach in the field of social studies; however, students from other program areas who have high academic achievement, are involved in activities, and exhibit leadership and a strong sense of community responsibility will be considered.

After interviewing with the trustees, how quickly will I be notified of whether or not I will receive the scholarship?

Generally, the trustees make their decisions immediately following the final candidate’s interview. You will be notified within two weeks.

Is attendance at luncheons and other Sumners events mandatory?

Yes. The Sumners Foundation requires attendance at a certain number of events each year. The Sumners Foundation has graciously funded your education and sponsored these events to further your training; exposing you to today’s foremost leaders and public speakers is one of their means of doing so.

‌Is it possible to retain the Sumners scholarship for over two years, whether for undergraduate or graduate work?

The Sumners scholarship is awarded for two years and can only be used for undergraduate studies during a Scholar’s junior and senior years. Should a Scholar continue into graduate work, the financial scholarship is no longer available; however, the Sumners Foundation does provide funding for some graduate studies. See the Sumners Foundation Website for more information. Sumners Scholar-alumni are welcome to join our current Sumners Scholars at the luncheon events in Dallas as well as at other Sumners alumni-sponsored events.