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Sign up for orientation and start preparing today

01.01.2017 | By:
Blue and Gold Day is one of the ways potential students get a feel for what “Smaller. Smarter.” really is by visiting campus and learning more about the Texas Wesleyan experience.

Whether you’re a new or transfer student, orientation is where your life as a Ram really begins. You’ll meet your advisor, register for classes and start making friends. Before you get to orientation, there are a few things you need to take care of. Check out five things you need to to do before orientation.

1. Sign up for a session

It’s obvious, right? The first way to prepare for orientation is to sign up. We’re pumped that you’re going to be a Ram. Orientation is one of your first experiences as a Texas Wesleyan student. Spots are filling up fast, so sign up for an orientation date today.

2. Pay your enrollment deposit

After you submit the enrollment confirmation form, you’ll be asked to pay a $100 deposit. You don’t have to pay it right then, but you will need to before orientation. Otherwise, you won’t be able to register for classes. Don’t worry, this money is credited to your student account when you register for classes at orientation.

3. Take your placement tests

Placement exams let your advisor know which classes will be a good fit for you. We’ll send you an email with the specific tests you’ll need to take. Be sure to take your placement exams before you come to orientation. If you don’t take your tests, you won’t be able to register for classes.

4. Get vaccinated

Are you under the age of 22? Then you need to turn in evidence of bacterial meningitis immunization. You have the option to either upload it after you finish your enrollment confirmation form, or you can mail to the admissions office. Again, you won’t be able to register for classes at orientation until you do. Are you seeing the trend here?

5. Apply for housing

If you haven’t already, fill out your housing paperwork. Our on-campus housing fills up quickly, so don’t wait. Unless you’re married, live with your parents or meet another campus housing exemption requirement, you’re required to live in one of our residence halls as a freshman.

We want you to have the best orientation experience possible. Sign up for orientation today and start preparing for your first year as a Texas Wesleyan Ram.

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