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Placement Exams

What are Academic Placement Exams?

Texas Wesleyan University uses placement exams to check the academic skill level of entering students in subjects such as Math, English and Reading. The results of these scores determine if more preparation is needed before taking college-level classes. 

Do my TSI scores count?

Certain TSI scores could exempt you from placement exams. Please submit your TSI scores to your admissions counselor as soon as possible. Here is our reference chart on scores and placements.‌ Our Testing Coordinator, Richard Jolivette, can answer any questions concerning TSI scores.

How do I schedule my exam?

Enter your information below and select the tests you need to take. A drop-down menu will populate with available dates and times. Want to take them all on the same day? No problem! Just sign up for the same date and time for each test.

What if I live out of town?

If you live out of town, we can find another location for you to test. Please contact our testing coordinator at We will locate a testing center near you and email you a voucher to test at that location. Keep in mind some remote locations charge a test administration fee.

Other items to know

  • Placement exams must be taken before your orientation session in order to sign up for classes
  • Check in at the Testing Room, EJW Library RM 127—inside the West Library

Prepare for your test day

Here are a few pointers on how to prepare for your placement exams at Texas Wesleyan:

  • Bring a photo ID and know your student ID or Social Security number.
  • Bags, cell phones and notes are not allowed at your desk during the exams.
  • The makers of the SAT created a web-based study app to help you with the content and format of the Next Generation Accuplacer test questions.
  • Visit our FAQ page to get many of your questions answered.
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