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Alumni, see how you can help the TXWES Food Pantry

09.09.2020 | By:

You wouldn’t know it, but behind the stairs at Polytechnic United Methodist Church on campus there is a room full of hope. It just so happens, that hope comes in the form of food to feed our campus community.

In the fall of 2016, Eddie Castlow, a volunteer at PUMC, and Dr. Alison Simons, a sociology professor, started the TXWES Food Pantry out of the kitchen of the fellowship hall in the church. Not soon after, the food pantry needed more space, and the church donated a room behind the stairs which is now home to one of the true gems of Texas Wesleyan.

The food pantry could not have been possible without the help of PUMC and its members, and right now the food pantry is run by TXWES students. For the past few years, students have volunteered their time to keep the door open regularly. They have served hundreds of students, as well as other members of the Texas Wesleyan community.

We talked to Dr. Alison Simons about the TXWES Food Pantry, and here’s what she had to say:

Q: What’s the purpose of the TXWES food pantry?
A: The purpose of the Food Pantry is to provide food and some essentials to members of the Texas Wesleyan family who may need it. We also provide snacks and quick items for students who may have forgotten to eat breakfast or lunch.

Q: How can alumni volunteer their time for the food pantry?
A: We gratefully accept any help from our RAMily! We try to keep the food pantry open from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily, but since we rely on volunteers, that’s not always feasible.

Q: How can alumni donate to the food pantry and what kinds of items are you looking for?
A: You can now make monetary donations to the TXWES Food Pantry online. Any food items are also greatly appreciated, especially single serve items that are quick and easy for students to make in their limited facilities on campus. Here are some ideas of the items we give the most:

  • Drinks: Water, Gatorade, juice boxes, etc.
  • Frozen, microwavable foods: Hot Pockets, corn dogs, frozen dinners, etc.
  • Hygiene items: Shampoos, deodorants, hand sanitizers, toilet paper, etc.
  • School supplies: Pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. 
  • Single serve items: Ramen Noodles, mac n’ cheese cups, ravioli, tuna/chicken packets, etc.
  • Snack foods: Fruit gummies, crackers, chips, apple sauce, Pop-Tarts, granola bars, etc.

The TXWES Food Pantry is just another example of the many ways that the Texas Wesleyan comes together to support our community and make a difference. If you are interested in volunteering or donating to the pantry, email for more information.

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