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Business Executive of the Year John Goff visits with students

09.26.2018 | By:
2018 Business Executive of the Year John Goff speaks to students at Martin Hall at Texas Wesleyan.

John C. Goff, chairman and CEO of Crescent Real Estate Holdings and president of Goff Capital addressed students and offered a Q&A session on Thursday, Sept. 20 in Martin Hall.

Earlier this year, Goff was named the 2018 Fort Worth Business Executive of the Year, and will be honored at the 49th annual Fort Worth Business Hall of Fame event on Thursday, Oct. 4, at the Fort Worth Club.

Goff explained his background in the world of business, including his first stint as CEO of Crescent Real Estate before he sold it to Morgan Stanley for $6.5 billion in 2007.

“It was just a wonderful run,” Goff said. “I learned so much about being a CEO of a public company, running a big organization that grew to hundreds if not thousands of people.” Goff reacquired Crescent two years later and now serves as its chairman and CEO.

During the Q&A, Goff discussed everything from how he believes that the country is in a more pro-business environment than in recent years, to his weekly tradition of setting time aside to read.

“I have a big canvas bag always by my desk. And as I find things that I want to read that I don’t have time to read at the office, I stick them in the bag,” Goff said. “By the end of the week, the bag is full. I take it home. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I read constantly. I find quiet time to just sit and I pour through documents and articles … because I’m always looking for the next big idea.”

Goff also had some advice for Texas Wesleyan students that he gives to many students he speaks to.

“The most powerful thing I can say to all of you is to put these darn things (phones) down for a couple hours a day and just either think and plan or read.”

At Texas Wesleyan, students get a front-row seat in the business world by working with local companies and hearing from speakers like John Goff and more. Networking opportunities throughout the year mean students are getting access to the movers & shakers of industry. For more information, visit the School of Business Administration’s website.