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Graduate Amanda Roach ’20 shares her Texas Wesleyan story

05.21.2020 | By:

Amanda Roach didn’t think her last semester of college would end this way, in the middle of a pandemic. She had already been through a lot during her four years at Texas Wesleyan, still she wasn’t prepared for this.

Amanda first visited Texas Wesleyan as an eighth grader for a STEM event. Each year, Texas Wesleyan partners with middle schools in the area to provide math and science workshops and this was Amanda’s first experience on our beautiful campus. From that very day, Amanda knew, Texas Wesleyan was where she wanted to go to college.

Fast forward to Amanda’s senior year in high school. She signed up for every tour, every special event and more to try to convince her mom this is where she was supposed to be. The simple fact, one that Amanda couldn’t seem to accept, was that they simply couldn’t afford for her to go to Wesleyan. Fortunately, Amanda was invited to scholarship day which awarded her with the opportunity she was waiting for. A full ride to the school of her dreams!

Over the years, Amanda has made the best of her college experience. When you ask her about her favorite memory she can’t choose just one. During orientations in 2017 she was “DJ Mandi Ro” and she loved her class, Crime and Comic Books. But the most impactful memory Amanda had was in 2017 when she was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of brain cancer. She was scared she would have to drop out of college after having surgery, but in true Wesleyan style, her professors didn’t let that happen. She finished that semester with a 4.0.

What’s Amanda’s advice to other TXWES students? No excuses. "I had a rough week," well, Amanda had a rough semester.  "I have a disability," so does she. "I have a job," Amanda normally has at least two. “Don't let your excuses rule your life. You're better than what life throws at you. You are a Ram which means you can push through anything that stands in your way.  Pick your head up, take a deep breath, and keep moving.” Take it from Amanda, life keeps getting better, through graduation and beyond.