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Support local businesses with these tips from Branigan Contreras '15

03.31.2020 | By:
Branigan Contreras and Hispanic Women's Network of Texas

Branigan Contreras ’15 is a Fort Worth native and loved her time at Texas Wesleyan as a non-traditional student. While in school and after graduating, Branigan worked at Texas Wesleyan and saw the importance of the school’s relationship with the great city of Fort Worth. Here are her thoughts on how we can support our community through the pandemic.

  1. Shop local online 

    You can still support all your favorite local shops by purchasing items online. Some shops are even offering free delivery and/or curbside pickup.

  2. Order delivery or schedule a pick up

    Tired of cooking three meals a day? Us too! Although grabbing drive-through is the easiest thing to do, you can step it up a notch and order food from your favorite local restaurants. Make sure to check and see how that particular restaurant is taking orders. They may even have apps to order from. Want to support businesses by campus? Ben’s Triple B and Black Coffee are both open for pick-up orders.

    Remember, people in the service industry are significantly affected by the pandemic. They are more than likely working less hours and making fewer tips. Who knows, you might make their day if you continue to tip like you would if you sat in the restaurant to eat.

  3. Follow new businesses on social media and show them some love 

    I’m sure we’re all spending a little more time on the internet these days — why not make that time a little more productive? Spend a few minutes a day searching for new-to-you local businesses and like their pages. That will at least give you more content to scroll through when you’re killing time and maybe you could even like a post or two while you’re at it.

    If you support your local restaurants by ordering a meal to-go, don’t forget to snap a photo! Tag the restaurant on social media and let them know you love their food and service.

    Another option is to leave reviews that you might not have had time to write before. Did you have great service at a restaurant in the last few weeks? Write a review on their Facebook page or even find them on Yelp and leave one there.

  4. Remember to say thank you

    Times are tough and people are extra stressed right now, but always remember to say thank you. It goes a long way.

More about Branigan

Branigan prides herself in supporting local business through Hispanic Women's Network of Texas at Black Coffee with Branigan Contrerasvendor markets, farmers markets and of course fabulous restaurants that make up Funky Town. She serves as the Community Outreach Coordinator for ACH Child and Family Services where she creates advocates in Tarrant County to support the mission. She is very involved in the community not only through her job but through the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas (HWNT) where she serves on the board. HWNT promotes the advancement of women in public, corporate and civic life through education, personal and professional development. Branigan loves Fort Worth and how communities, businesses, universities and individuals have come together in this urgent time of need to support one another. Join her in supporting local businesses!