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Phonathon reaches new record

03.07.2017 | By:

Thanks to student callers and dedicated alumni, Texas Wesleyan’s annual Phonathon reached an astounding new record of donors this year. More than 1,000 donors contributed to the Wesleyan Fund and other University initiatives through the event, which ran from Feb. 11–22.

The Wesleyan Fund provides institutional scholarships and academic program to support students, allowing them to reach their full potential without being held back by finances or lack of resources.

During Phonathon, alumni have the opportunity to walk down memory lane and share their favorite University stories. In return, students are able to express how alumni support has made a significant impact on their own Wesleyan experience.

“I worked Phonathon because I personally am on an academic scholarship and would like to help other students like me. I have learned that many alumni love giving advice and are always willing to support their alma mater,” Jessica Flores, freshman political science major, said.

Student callers say Phonathon has helped them learn about the University’s history, connect with alumni that have similar interests as them and understand the importance of giving back.

Thank you to all the alumni who engaged with Texas Wesleyan during Phonathon. Pledge reminders are mailed out monthly, or donors can go online to complete payments.