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Make your gift count on North Texas Giving Day

09.16.2015 | By:
North Texas Giving Day is Thursday, Sept. 17.

"What in the heck in North Texas Giving Day?"

Thursday, Sept. 17, is North Texas Giving Day. That means that all day, supporters of universities and non-profits will be bringing the collective power of the North Texas community to their passions and causes.

We want you to be a part of that community, too. By giving to Texas Wesleyan on North Texas Giving Day, you make us eligible for bonus dollars, and, you show the North Texas community what’s special about the Texas Wesleyan and its alumni and friends.

"Why the heck should I give?"

We already mentioned that your gift takes new wings on North Texas Giving Day, but thanks to the Morton Challenge, it’s already airborne. The funds from North Texas Giving Day go to support the Wesleyan Fund. Your gift to the Wesleyan Fund:

  • Funds scholarships
  • Strengthens programs
  • Increases participation rates

Plus, for every new or increased gift, Jack Morton has pledged a 1-to-1 matching gift. There's never been a better time to give.

You're thinking — great, I'm in! Good, but we want you to do something else. We want you to share this message with a friend from your graduating class. Maybe it's someone you see all the time, or maybe it's a great opportunity to catch up with someone who has been on your mind. Let's take the Wesleyan Fund to new heights on North Texas Giving Day.

You can give online via this link. Let's make it happen!