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Meet alumni association scholarship recipient Ruqea Saheb

02.01.2019 | By:

Senior Ruqea Saheb, is one of this year’s Alumni Association Scholarship recipients. Even though she doesn’t live on campus, Ruqea is involved in many organizations and also works as a lab assistant in the Chemistry department.

See what Raqea had to say about her experience at TXWES:

Q: What do you love about Texas Wesleyan?
A: Texas Wesleyan is a second home to me. There are so many reasons to love Texas Wesleyan, but my favorite part about this school are the student-teacher connections. The one-on-one interactions I am able to have with my professors are adding value to my experience as a student. Wesleyan’s small-sized classrooms have helped create a more personalized college experience for me. The small class sizes allow me to become more engaged in classroom discussions while personally getting to know my classmates. I have to say, Texas Wesleyan would not be Texas Wesleyan without its amazing faculty and staff who sincerely care about our future and success in and beyond Wesleyan.

Q: What’s your major and what do you want to do with it when you graduate?
A: I am a biology major with a minor in chemistry. After I graduate, I wish to continue furthering my education beyond Texas Wesleyan by attending dental school. A few years after I become a licensed dentist, I would like to give back to the society by providing affordable dental services and fostering educational awareness about the importance of oral hygiene in underserved communities. Lastly, I would also like to partner with domestic and international organizations to supply dental hygiene products to underprivileged communities.

Q: What does receiving this scholarship mean to you?
A: Receiving this scholarship means so much to me and my family. This scholarship is going to help me immeasurably by allowing me to ease the significant financial burden off of my parents’ shoulders. I will be able to dedicate more of my time to my studies and involvement in school organizations rather than work in order to finance my education. I’ll also be able to freely pursue my dreams and passions beyond Texas Wesleyan without being followed by student debt. For these reasons and more, I will most definitely positively represent the alumni association in the brightest light and work to one day repay the association’s’ generosity by giving back to my community.

Each year, the Alumni Association is committed to recruiting and retaining quality legacy students by providing financial assistance to those who demonstrate leadership, involvement and academic excellence. It has established this scholarship, which is awarded on an annual basis, to support the University's mission.  For more information, go to