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Meet Alyssa Ellis, an alumni association scholarship recipient

11.18.2020 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

As a student with an eye for detail and big dreams, Alyssa Ellis was determined to make the right decision for her college career. After a few visits to campus and an aunt who was a Texas Wesleyan graduate, she knew TXWES was where she would call home.Alyssa Ellis, scholarship recipient

Alyssa is a forensic accounting major who plans to graduate next fall, and she has made the most of her experiences at TXWES. She is active on campus and believes in what the school stands for. Here’s what she had to say about her experiences:

What are your plans after graduation?
Since the pandemic, my plans have changed, because many things have changed in the workforce. After graduation, I plan on applying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be a Forensics Accountant Intern in their honors program. After I am done with the program, I hope to land a job in the accounting department of the FBI. I love to learn about crime and the thinking behind it so I can help solve it.

What are your favorite things about being a student at Texas Wesleyan?
I appreciate the opportunities that the students have, the voice we have in decisions and the amount of support we have with our studies. There are many opportunities to meet people that are already established in the careers we study every day. There are always surveys and emails going out to us making sure that we are still on the right track to succeed and be our best selves. TXWES gives us a chance to voice our opinions and they listen! I feel heard and seen here.

Tell us more about you.
I belong to a large family that owns a small grocery store as a family business in Kansas. I was introduced to working at a young age, which has given me great work ethic. I love playing board games with my family, and we play them after dinner almost every day. I love different types of music such as gospel, pop, rhythm and blues and country.

Each year, the Texas Wesleyan Alumni Association awards scholarships to deserving students who have relatives that have attended the university. These scholarships are funded by the Alumni Association and the support of TXWES alumni and friends. Find out more about the alumni legacy scholarship on our website.

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