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Top 10 TXWES news stories of 2016

12.09.2016 | By:
What were Texas Wesleyan’s biggest news stories of the year? Read our top 10 countdown.

What were Texas Wesleyan’s biggest news stories of the year?

If you guessed football, you’re right on.

In Feb. 2016, the Rams announced that after a 75-year hiatus they would be returning to the gridiron and the buzz has continued ever since. Sports enthusiasts from New York to Abilene to L.A. have read, listened-in or watched stories about the revival of the program and heart-warming stories from coaches and our leadership class. 2017 promises to be another year of football headlines – and many touchdowns. 

Other major headlines included this fall’s record-setting move-in day and the announcement of the Nick and Lou Martin University Center campaign – both key parts of the 2020 Vision strategic plan and exciting stories that captured the momentum we’re all feeling on campus.

Top 10 Texas Wesleyan headlines for 2016: 

1. “At Texas Wesleyan, a football revival 75 years in the making” - USA TODAY, National (front page Sports), Aug. 4

2. “From truck to dorm: FW teenager finds new home playing college football” WFAA/ABC, Aug. 19 (10 p.m. news, aired in 11 markets across U.S.)

3. “Undecided voters say presidential debate didn't help their decision” WFAA/ABC, Sept. 27 (5 p.m. news, filmed in classroom, aired in DFW & San Antonio)

4. “After 75 years, football makes a return to Texas Wesleyan” Fort Worth Star-Telegram (front page/color), Sept. 6 (first practice) 

5. “$20.25 million student center to be built at Texas Wesleyan”  - Fort Worth Star-Telegram (front page teaser, story w/color photo), Oct. 12 

6. “Former TCU, NFL player brings knowledge, energy to Texas Wesleyan” - Fort Worth Star-Telegram (front page sports, color), July 26 

7. “500 students moved in at Texas Wesleyan – one of the largest moving days in university history” - WFAA/ABC, KTVT/CBS, KXAS/NBC, Aug. 14 – link not available

8. “Signs of the time: Campus Carry coming to Texas colleges”  - Fort Worth Star-Telegram (front page/color photo), Texas Tribune, July 25

9. “Ben Hogan Foundation Scholarship recipient earns full ride to Texas Wesleyan” - The Golf Channel/NBC National (clip ran 2 days), May 28 & 29

10. “Texas Wesleyan unveils new campus power plant” - Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jan. 30


Faculty experts In the News

Several faculty members, including: Linda Metcalf; Michelle Payne; Rod Erakovich; Eddy Lynton; Sarah Roche; Bruce Benz; Chris Manno; Bob Landholt; Cary Adkinson and Trevor Morris; have all participated in expert interviews with outlets ranging from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and The Dallas Morning News to WFAA, NBC 5, KDFW FOX, KLIF and KRLD.

Many thanks to all of these professors for participating in interviews and supporting Texas Wesleyan’s efforts to drive our “Smaller. Smarter.” brand and reputation.

Table Tennis

Jasna Rather and her stellar table tennis team did it again this year, winning their 13th national championship in 12 years. The team was featured live in-studio at WFAA for Good Morning Texas on March 29. Regional play heats up early in 2017 and we’ll be watching to see if the Rams will do it again.

Story rankings are based on size, placement and audience reach.