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4 reasons why the website calendar is your best friend

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There are a lot of misconceptions about the website calendar — who can add to it, what it's for, how to add to it, you name it. Here are four of the top reasons why the website calendar is your best friend when it comes to promoting events.

Reason 1: It's for more than just academic events

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding the website calendar is that it is just for academic events, but that couldn't be further from the truth! The website calendar is there to get information out to the Texas Wesleyan community about anything and everything going on. And when we say community, that means everyone — students, faculty, staff and the greater Fort Worth area.

So what can you post on the website calendar? Anything relevant to the University! That can include (but is not limited to) student events, admissions events, deadlines, holidays, sports events, major university dates like graduation and so much more.

Reason 2: It makes your event more visible

Have you noticed the blue "Upcoming Events" box on the website? It's not department-specific — it shows the next events on the calendar, regardless of who posted it. That means when you add an event to the website calendar, you're automatically adding that to dozens of pages on the website. In September 2022 alone, racked up almost 400,000 unique pageviews — that's a lot of eyes on your content! And the best part? This promotion is totally free.

Reason 3: It serves as a unified place to add information

When you create an event for the website calendar, you're also creating a dedicated page on That means you have a dedicated place with the option to add and update information that will not expire or go away — even after the event has passed.

Reason 4: Adding an event is easy

Adding to the website calendar has never been easier! All you need to do is complete T4 training so you're authorized to post on the website, then follow the simple steps on this page.

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