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Rams Relief

Support TXWES students in this difficult time through Rams Relief Fund

Here at Texas Wesleyan, those we value most are our students. Although all university affiliated events and activities have been canceled, we will continue to provide our students with our Smaller. Smarter. education while adhering to CDC recommendations.

Unfortunately, these challenging times have created significant and unforeseen financial burdens for our students. Each semester, hundreds of Texas Wesleyan students pay their tuition monthly through jobs they have in the community. Due to COVID-19, many of their jobs have been eliminated, or are at risk of being eliminated, leaving them with little to no income to pay their tuition this spring. Because of this, there is a very real risk that students will drop out of classes this semester.

At Texas Wesleyan, we are committed to ensuring that students realize their dream of earning a university degree. To this end, the university has set up a Rams Relief Fund where alumni and friends can help students who are currently suffering financial hardships or will suffer financial hardships because of COVID-19. If you would like to help our students complete the semester by assisting with payment of tuition, fees, room and board and other financial expenses, please make your gift online today.

Donate To Rams Relief

Thanks to our generous donors, our students have been able to continue their success at Texas Wesleyan through these unprecedented times. Your gifts have impacted numerous students and recent graduates. See what they have to say to their RAMily:  

Gabriel Bennett '21

My name is Gabriel Bennett, and I am a senior at Texas Wesleyan University majoring in business management. I would like thank all the donors of the Ram Relief program for helping with the financial struggle that tends to come with higher education. I am so grateful for the support and aid that was given to me by this program as it allowed me to continue with my last year of college. I was astonished to see the Ram Relief aid in my account after many days of looking at my balance wondering how I was going to make it before the deadline for the spring 2021 semester. Once again I would like to say thank you to these donors, and I will never forget the help and chance they have given me.

Veida Dima '23

My name is Veida Dima and I am a junior majoring in English at Texas Wesleyan University. I transferred here with an Associates of Arts from Tarrant County College with the intention to complete my English degree in two years but now it looks like it will take a little longer than I thought. However, I am determined, even if it takes a few more years. I will get this done! Why did I need help? Halfway through the Fall 2020 semester, after my student financial account was re-evaluated, it was discovered that the amount I still owed was not entered correctly and I needed to pay an extra $2,000.

My family could not afford the monthly payment and the extra tuition because of my husband’s unexpected pay cuts due to Covid. Receiving the Rams Relief aid provided huge relief to me and my family. I was able to successfully focus on the end of the semester and I made As in all my classes–all the while still being able to organize Thanksgiving and Christmas for my husband and children without stress.

Thank you for your sacrifices during these troubling times. You released my stress and concerns so I could focus on school and my family. Thank you for the support!

Melissa Dowling

My name is Melissa Dowling, and I am a practicing nurse anesthetist for Los Angeles County. I am enrolled in the Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP) program with a focus on Healthcare Administration. Currently, Los Angeles is in a critical state due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been awful watching people pass away while their loved ones are unable to enter the hospital and say goodbye. I know I am not alone in feeling that this is the most devastating career challenge that I have ever faced. To say the least, balancing work and school is a struggle. However, I was overcome with joy and tremendous gratitude when I learned that I received an unsolicited scholarship. Thank you for making this process a little easier and sending much-needed positive energy my way.

Chelsea Leal

My name is Chelsea Leal and I'm a music education major at Texas Wesleyan, studying to teach elementary music. I was not expecting to receive any additional scholarships or relief due to the pandemic. So when I found out, I was so excited and surprised! Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen for me and many other students at TXWES!

FeLisa McDowell '20

Hi, my name is FeLisa McDowell and I was a transfer student from UTD. My initial degree was in Criminal Justice, but I changed over my last year, and am so happy that I did.  My prior class load allowed me to truly determine what my focus should be at this point in my life as I returned to school at a more seasoned age. I am also a professional model in the DFW area and when I work with younger models, I am always proud to say I am a Texas Wesleyan Ram.

I have truly enjoyed my time at Texas Wesleyan. Not only has the location been perfect, but the option for online classes was a lifesaver...all prior to COVID.  It's hard-working 40 hours plus and coming to sit in a classroom for almost 3 hours.  As a manager for a 3rd party vendor, it is imperative that I am bright-eyed and busy tailed while monitoring production for my team and ensuring hospital and physician accounts are kept in cycle.

When my team found out I had returned to school, they supported me but thought I was literally crazy, considering my workload.  But they were so proud to watch me graduate on December 19th. I think I may have sparked a few students and set an example for them that I am very proud of.

I intend to pursue my career in Busines Management.  My BA has started me on this path, and my MBA will solidify my success and the PhD is not a bad consideration either. Texas Wesleyan has made a dream come true.  I am forever grateful.


Isack Perez

My name is Izack Perez. I am from Midland, Texas and the oldest out of six kids. I came to study at Texas Wesleyan because the football coach recruited me and told me that the business school is really good. I wanted business management, so it made sense to apply here because I can continue to play football also. When I learned that I received this scholarship, I was shocked at first, but grateful that I was chosen to receive it. The scholarship made it easier for me and my family to finish paying off the rest of the semester. I want to thank the donors for choosing me and allowing me to receive this scholarship!