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Need to reserve a room on campus? Make sure you know how

10.30.2014 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

Many of you have the occasional need to utilize campus classrooms and venues for special events. For faculty, this may be a room over and above your regular classroom assignment, and for staff this may be for an organizational meeting or other event.

When it's time to make these reservations, make sure you know who to call.

Roberta Marley assigns space for regular academic classrooms that meet on a regular basis each semester, and Scott Cannon reserves classroom space outside of regular academic use and all other facilities on campus (with the exception of the gym and Martin Hall).

Why it Matters

The classrooms and buildings available for use have become much more limited over the past few years, but every effort will be made to schedule classrooms and buildings for these occasional needs and special events. However, because of the increased usage of rooms and buildings on campus, available space at any given time is minimal if any is available at all.

It is imperative that both Scott and Roberta be contacted to request space outside of your normal classroom settings to verify it is available for use. If this is an event involving off-campus groups, contact them as far in advance as possible before any promises are made or plans are finalized regarding hosting these special or outside events.

Planning must start early and be done in consultation with Scott and Roberta, who manage these spaces for the university.

Questions? Email Scott Cannon or call 7540. 

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