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Join the Blue Zones Walking Challenge to get healthier and happier

04.18.2018 | By: Christi Tallent
Blue Zones Project

Join the blue zones walking moai 4-week challenge to get healthier and happier.

Walking moais are groups of 5 to 8 people that meet weekly to walk together and socialize. Social networks have a longterm, proven impact on well-being. Students and employees are encouraged to sign up for the 4-week challenge and start talking and walking! Grab your shoes, pull your team together and sign up before Sunday, April 22, for this 4-week challenge!

Sign up today!

Our campus offers two great routes for walking outside or inside: Library Walking Route and Campus Walking Map

Please contact Faby Rodriguez at ext. 6593 or Lisa Gallegos at ext. 5861 for questions and further details.

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