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How is the Teladoc benefit working? Read one employee's testimony

08.03.2015 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Teladoc Phone

Teladoc, a national network of U.S. board-certified doctors available on-demand to diagnose, treat and prescribe medication for many minor medical issues, is available to all employees and dependents currently on the Texas Wesleyan BCBS Medical plan.

‌Find out how it helped one employee resolve their health concern without having to make a trip to the doctor's office.

Employee Testimonial

Over the Fourth of July weekend, I went to see fireworks at a park in Hurst. While there, something bit me repeatedly around the ankles. Of course, I did what I wasn’t supposed to do and scratched the area until it became infected.

After a week of scratching and redness that wouldn’t go away I took pictures of my ankles and uploaded them to the Teladoc website. I then called and requested a consultation. I was asked if a regular MD or dermatologist was needed. I asked for a dermatologist since it was a skin infection.

The doctor returned my call within 15 minutes, looked at the uploaded photos and asked a series of questions to determine the best course of action. Once he determined that I felt fine with the exception of the itching he prescribed an oral and topical antibiotic which I picked up on my way home from work.

The call was free and I saved $30 since I didn’t have to pay my primary care doctor a copay. The entire process took less than 30 minutes. I would definitely use Teladoc again.

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