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Stars of Service 2022-2023 Recap

06.02.2022 | By:
Stars of Service Awards 2021-2022

Did you miss the Stars of Service award ceremony this year? No worries, we are going to recap the whole event for you! 

The Martin Center Ballroom doors were opened to welcome honorees, their guests and faculty and staff at noon for this year's event. People were warmly greeted by some members of this year’s Stars of Service committee upon entry. Noah O’Con, graduating senior, was playing beautiful music with his guitar and a spread of food was prepared and waiting to be enjoyed on the north end of the ballroom.

It wasn’t long before the buzz of conversations among the people filled the room. Happy honorees and guests waited patiently to get their lunch, provided by our very own Aramark.

The ceremony opened with remarks from President Frederick Slabach, welcoming all to this very special event to celebrate full-time faculty and staff here at Texas Wesleyan who are dedicated to our mission and Smaller. Smarter. vision.

Those listed below received awards for reaching 5-year milestones between June 2021 through May 2022.

5 Year

  • Geneva Castro
  • Angela Rainey
  • Valentine Altamero
  • Mary Kidd
  • Juan Azcarate
  • Emily Snow
  • Djuana Young
  • Brandy Ortiz
  • Raquel Rodriguez
  • Kelly Shoppach
  • Angela Dampeer
  • Theresa Ramos
  • Ngozi Akinro
  • Richard Bishop
  • Violeta Kadieva
  • Alistair Maeer
  • Samuel Rodriguez
  • Jamal Williams
  • Barbara Barnhart
  • Dennis Miles
  • Jimmy Gresham
  • Teodor Gheorghe

10 Year

  • Elsa Anderson
  • Ilka Araujo
  • Julie Vowell
  • Shengxiong Wu
  • Lili Zhang
  • James Hubbard
  • Elizabeth Howard

15 Year

  • Norma Vallejo
  • Jay Brown
  • Patsy Robles-Goodwin
  • June Johnson
  • Jasna Rather

20 Year

  • Thomas Keith
  • Brennen Shingleton
  • Amy Bell
  • Stacia Campbell
  • Price McMurray

25 Year

  • Bruce Benz
  • Kimberly Webb
  • Marian Crossley
  • Michael Ellison
  • Gina Phillips

30 Year

  • Carlos Martinez

35 Year

  • Allen Henderson

Applauds, cheers and laughter filled the room from start to finish this year. Smiles from ear to ear, and even some tears, were shared as honorees stepped upon the stage to collect their awards. A handshake and a picture with the President would cause anyone to smile. Each stepped away with their award and a certificate of appreciation.

A huge thank you to the Stars of Service committee this year:

  • Dr. Angela Dampeer
  • Kim Stergio
  • Jamiya Davidson
  • Lindsay Trammell
  • Bridget Rivera
  • Faby Rodriguez
  • "Pro Joe" Brown
  • Valerie Carrington

Check out some photos from the event!

Stars of Service 2022 Stars of Service 2022  Stars of Service Awards 

If you would like to be a part of the committee next year, please email

Also, if you were an honoree who was unable to make the ceremony, your award and certification are at the Office of Human Resources and can be picked up during business hours.