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Student wows client with passion, professionalism as photographer

10.24.2013 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Jeremy Hunt

Just because you haven’t graduated yet doesn’t mean you can’t be a mover and shaker in your field. Need proof? Look at Jeremy Hunt, a junior mass communications major who is already making his mark as a professional photographer.

In September, after seeing the “Critical Thinkers” piece that featured Jeremy on the Texas Wesleyan website, Michael Reynolds, president and CEO of SpinWeb Internet Media, contacted Jeremy through LinkedIn to take photos for his client at an event.

Reynolds was so impressed by Jeremy’s work that he wrote a blog entry praising the job he did and the value he added to the client’s experience.

Here’s just some of what he had to say about Jeremy:

At the time of the event, Jeremy is only a junior in college but his work, his presence and his attitude toward service far exceeded many other "professional" photographers that I've worked with. He understood that taking great photos goes beyond just the technical details... it requires a passion and commitment to putting people at ease and helping them have fun.

To hear more about Jeremy’s impressive work, read Reynolds’ entire blog entry.

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