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Day of Tolerance at Texas Wesleyan Nov. 11

11.02.2010 | By:

From 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 11, the Gay Straight Alliance is sponsoring a Day of Tolerance event to celebrate and acknowledge the diversity of the Wesleyan community.

On the mall in front of the library will be a Door of Tolerance. Students, staff and faculty will be encouraged to walk through the door, sign their names on the door and receive a button and certificate that says “Diversity, Tolerance, and Understanding – Wesleyan”.

The walking through the Door of Tolerance will be meant as a symbolic gesture of the Wesleyan community attempting to be more open and accepting of all the differences and diversity of our campus: culture and race, religion, sexual orientation and gender. In addition, we want to make people more aware of their own biases and prejudices towards people with differences which can also include weight, height, intelligence, hair color, body modifications, differences in fields of study, etc.

The event is being sponsored because of several events of significance within the Gay Straight Alliance:

National Coming Out Day

Transgender Remembrance Day and the “It Gets Better” campaign which brings awareness to people that have been bullied or physically attacked for their sexuality and gender orientation.
The “It Gets Better “campaign was started after six teenagers committed suicide because of being bullied because of their sexual orientation. The campaign gained national attention after a moving speech was delivered by Joel Burns at a recent City Council meeting. Burns attended Texas Wesleyan and is Fort Worth’s District 9 City Council representative.

The Door of Tolerance is to help make our Academic Community aware of our own biases and prejudices and attempts to make us more aware of working to accept the differences we all have as human beings in our global society.

We hope the entire campus will show its support and come to the campus mall and walk through the Door of Tolerance.