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HVAC upgrades at PUMC are well underway

11.07.2014 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Polytechnic United Methodist Church sign

The Poly United Methodist Church is currently undergoing a complete HVAC system replacement.

The new heating, ventilating and air conditioning unit installation is expected to be complete in early January.

“This is a much-needed, major revamp of the heating and cooling system in PUMC,” Brian Franks, executive director of facilities development and operations said. 

Contractors are replacing all parts of the HVAC system that are more than 10 years old. 

“Although the entire project won’t be complete for up to another eight weeks, we are turning on systems and rolling out the upgrades as we go, to help keep everyone in PUMC comfortable.” 

The entire PUMC project is approximately $900,000 – a significant part of the University’s campus improvement projects list. 

“It [PUMC] is quite a mess during this project, as we remove old parts and make room for the new system. Everyone in PUMC has been very patient. It will definitely be worth the wait,” Franks said.

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