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Scuba Program the Only One of its Kind in North Texas

08.03.2013 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

Students dream about their graduation – getting “finned,” moving the tassel from one side of the mask to the other, and watching the bubbles rise to the surface. Wait . . . what? Okay, so it’s not the typical graduation ceremony. We’re talking about an underwater graduation ceremony – for students who minor in scuba.

But you don’t have to minor in scuba to take those classes. You don’t even have to be a traditional student; there are special classes just for faculty and staff.

Misconceptions about scuba:

  • I can’t do it because I’m not an expert swimmer.
  • I only get to practice diving in the pool; I won’t get to go in the ocean.
  • I’m not an athlete, so I won’t be able to do it.

What you didn’t know:

  • There’s a lot of physics involved in advanced diving.
  • You can minor in scuba regardless of your major.
  • You can go on the annual scuba trip even if it’s not your minor.

Benefits of a scuba minor:

Some of the classes:

  • Advanced Scuba/Rescue
  • Divemaster
  • Technical Diver Instructor Training

One of the cool parts of the program is going on a scuba trip and practicing your skills in the open waters. The group goes to beautiful underwater destinations, including CozumelCuracao, and Grand Cayman. Not only are you earning a really fun minor, but you’re also acquiring skills that you can use on any tropical vacation.

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