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Top 5 Things To Do Before Orientation

08.03.2013 | By:

Orientation is around the corner for many new students and we want to make sure everyone is ready. The list below offers some great tips on how new students can prepare for Orientation.

Get Excited

This is it! Many of you have been working toward this for months or years - and it’s here.

Bring a Family Member

They won’t be with you for all of Orientation, but they can attend special sessions where they get their questions answered.

Think About Your Classes

When picking classes for your first semester, choose subjects you have confidence in. By picking these types of classes, you can ease yourself in to college life. Your first semester will be both exciting and challenging. There’s no need to tackle the tough classes first.

Dress for the Day

At Orientation, you’ll be walking around campus and you’ll have your photo taken for you student ID. So don’t break out that new pair of high heels or that old baseball cap, but do feel free to wear that new shirt.

Get Ready to Make Friends

Everyone is new, so don't feel shy about introducing yourself to a stranger. You may even find a roommate at Orientation.

And if you’re seeing this and realizing that you need to sign-up for Orientation, you can do it now.

Helpful Links

  • You can login to apply for housing, complete the roommate-matching survey and more on the Housing website.
  • If you haven't, sign up for Orientation.
  • Don’t forget about completing placement testing if necessary.
  • Don’t know where you’re going? Download the Campus Map to your smartphone or print it.