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Join the library Feb. 21 for a Mitchell Reed presentation on climate change

02.09.2017 | By:
Image of the Earth from space created by ConnieXCX

Join us for a fascinating Mitchell Reed Presentation by Dr. Bob Landolt. The focus will be on what Climate Change is and what it is not, certainties and unknowns, and reasonable expectations as to consequences.  Credible sources of information about climate issues will be identified, and the role of story-telling and humor in communicating with general audiences will be emphasized.

In preparation for the lecture please fill out this survey on your environmental perspective. Even if you are unable to make the lecture we encourage you to complete the survey. 

Refreshments are provided by the Provost's office and remember to bring your own lunch! 12:15–1:30 p.m. Feb. 21 in the West Library Orientation Room.

Dr. Landolt image for Mitchell Reed

Dr. Landolt taught at Texas Wesleyan from 1981- 2010 and served as a Congressional Fellow with Jim Wright in 1986, director for the 1991 ARP/ATP Grant competition for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and as a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the US Air Force Academy in 2004.  He also worked at Muskingum University, Battelle Laboratories, the Radian Corporation, and the Naval Research Laboratory.  He currently directs a Climate Science Project for the DFW Local Section of the American Chemical Society, which won an ACS “ChemLuminary Award” in 2015.

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