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TxWes Reads '1984' events continue in the Spring Semester

04.27.2018 | By:
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West Library continues TxWes Reads '1984' events in the 2018 spring semester. George Orwell's dystopian novel has taken on new relevance in today’s world. The hope is to generate thought-provoking discussions outside of the classroom that could impact a new understanding of the world. The library encourages faculty, staff and students to read and participate in the various events planned this Spring.

Jan. 23 Lunch-N-Lecture: Big Brother Problems: Social Media, Surveillance, and the World Orwell Warned Us About

A panel discussion with Drs. Cary Adkinson and Eddy Lynton.  Lunch provided for the first 10 in attendance.

Feb. 20 Lunch-N-Lecture: George Orwell Unplugged: Political Views, Social Impact, and "Alternative Facts!"

Presentations by Dennis Miles and Drs. Michelle Payne and Chris Manno.  Lunch provided for the first 10 in attendance.

March 20 Lunch-N-Lecture: Humans and the Culture of Fear and Repression: A Psychological Approach

Panel discussion and presentation by Risa Brown and Dr. Jay Brown.  Lunch provided for the first 10 in attendance.

May 1, 1984, movie night

Movie, snacks and t-shirt giveaway on the hill behind the library.   

What relevance does 1984 have in today’s society? Is our country becoming more like the world imagined by Orwell? Is surveillance becoming too intrusive? Are “alternative facts” and “fake news” something to be concerned about? These questions and others will be discussed over the next few months. Come join in the discussion!