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Local Junior Golfers Learn Pointers from Legend Lee Trevino

11.07.2011 | By:

Four local junior golfers were treated to an once-in-a-lifetime experience at Diamond Oaks Country Club on Thursday, Nov. 3. Adam Austin, senior, Western Hills High School; Daniel Dahlinger, freshman, North Crowley High School; Dalton Martin, junior, Saginaw High School; and Nicholas Narcisse, freshman, Mansfield High School spent the day on the course with golf legend Lee Trevino.

The package was auctioned at Texas Wesleyan University’s O.D. Bounds Golf Classic in September for a winning bid of $20,000. Lee Hughes, the auction winner, passed the experience on to four local high school students. 

“When we bought it at auction, we wanted to do something that could be carried on,” Hughes said. “Me and my friends are going to play golf on Saturday anyway, but this was a chance for some good kids to learn and be around one of the true legends and great people of the game. We are hoping this thing will carry forward.”

Hughes, managing partner of Maverick Homes, and Kevin Millikan, co-head golf coach and director of new sport development at Texas Wesleyan, found the four participants through The First Tee of Fort Worth. The high schoolers are all good students and are all members of the Junior Advisory Committee at First Tee. 

“I just want to thank these guys for being good young men,” Hughes said.

The day started with a practice session at the driving range in which Trevino shared some of his immense cache of golfing knowledge. Trevino and the four other golfers had a sizeable audience observing as the pro gave pointers to the students. President Frederick G. Slabach also stopped by to watch.

The young group may have known Trevino more for his work on the 1996 Adam Sandler film Happy Gilmore than his six major championships, but they quickly learned that at 71, Trevino’s passion is still unrivaled. Any nerves were diffused by Trevino’s infectious personality, his humor and his skill with a golf club.

Trevino spoke to the young men about having a passion for the game and a passion for life.

“Golf is about passion and so is life,” he said.

Although he did not have the opportunity to go to a university, Trevino stressed the importance of staying in school and going to college.

“You have to have options. I want you to have a passion for this game and a passion for life, but make sure you open a book, work hard in school, and give yourself options,” Trevino said.

After the practice session came lunch at the clubhouse and a full round of golf with a sizeable entourage following their every move, making a day full of memories that will last a lifetime.

Texas Wesleyan auctioned two outings with Trevino with the proceeds being split between the Lee Trevino Endowment for Golf at Texas Wesleyan and the Fort Worth Junior Golf Association.

“I want to thank Mr. Hughes,” Trevino said. “There are so many Mr. Hugheses out there, and I’m willing to do these days anytime. I’m going to be playing golf anyway!”