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'Smaller. Smarter.' experience builds confidence in Alex Lopez

08.20.2015 | By:
Alex Lopez: Smaller. Smarter. Moments

Alex Lopez is more than just a music major — he's an RA, a campus tour guide, a baseball player and he sings in the choir. In other words, he's a leader.

"Last year during choir, the tenors were struggling with a piece of music," said Lopez, "I'd studied it and I knew it, but I didn't want to overstep my boundaries as a freshman and sing too loud."

Dr. Bierschenk, one of Alex's professors, encouraged him to be confident in his abilities.

"I was able to sing out more because he instilled the confidence in me to do it."

Small classes and professors who know you by name are at the heart of the Texas Wesleyan experience. It's the kind of environment where students like Alex thrive.

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