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'Smaller. Smarter.' helps Dr. Cary Adkinson impact students' lives

05.01.2016 | By:
Dr. Cary Adkinson, Smaller. Smarter. Moments.

One of Dr. Cary Adkinson's favorite things about being a faculty member at Texas Wesleyan is interacting with students in a one-on-one setting. 

"One of my favorite moments so far was the opportunity to work with a student who's a little older than average," said Adkinson, "She was dealing with some confidence issues, and on a regular basis, she would come to her office and discuss her concerns with me."

Adkinson helped her develop the confidence she needed to succeed, and she became a contributor to the campus community.

"Because we get to work so closely with students and have such an intimate understanding of their needs, we're able to serve those needs," says Adkinson. "That's what makes our campus smaller and smarter."

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