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Spring marketing campaign includes new focus on graduate programs

03.18.2015 | By:
Texas Wesleyan's

Texas Wesleyan's "Smaller. Smarter." spring marketing campaign is in full swing, and new this year, for the first time in the "Smaller. Smarter." era, is a targeted graduate marketing campaign.

The new graduate campaign utilizes digital and direct marketing strategies to help drive awareness and enrollment for the MBA program and graduate programs in the School of Education. This includes online search, Google AdWords, list buying and direct mail pieces. The graduate marketing campaign runs through June.

"New marketing team members, Stephanie Scott and Shannon Lamberson, are making a huge impact on this project and have really hit the ground running," John Veilleux, vice president for marketing and communications, said. "Digital marketing strategy is very much behind-the-scenes. Although it isn't as visible as our TV commercials, it has the potential to be as impactful in driving admissions."

MBA billboards

Also new for MBA is an outdoor billboard campaign. The MBA billboards are strategically placed in the Dallas-Fort Worth market to capture working adult audiences as they commute in and out of the downtown area.

"This is our 'Smaller. Smarter.' brand speaking to working adults that want to kick their career into high gear," Darren White, director of marketing and communications, said.

Last spring, the Texas Wesleyan School of Business Administration earned accreditation by the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Business Schools (AACSB). ACCSB accredited programs are especially important for businesses that are sending employees back to school to further their education.

Spring campaign on air now

In addition to new graduate marketing, the "Smarter. Smaller." marketing campaign for spring is in full swing and will run through the end of April. This is the second flight of the fall 2014 campaign that launched in September.

The spring campaign is present in the billboard, TV, digital and movie theater markets.

In its third year, "Smaller. Smarter." continues to generate momentum. This year's commercials have outpaced previous versions of the campaign in response and continue to generate views on YouTube.

One commercial, which features video of a dog trying — and struggling — to get through a dog door, has done especially well.

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