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Tips on Preparing for Severe Weather

08.03.2013 | By:

Whether at home, in class or in your office, it’s good to be prepared for severe weather.

Have the Right Supplies

Having the right equipment and materials can make a dramatic difference. Simply keeping bottled water, a flashlight, and a bag of peanuts in your office can be helpful. Add a weather radio, basic first aid kit and a whistle and you’re off to a great start. Simply put this in a drawer of your desk or the trunk of your car for quick access. For more information on building a kit, see the list created by FEMA.

Have a Plan

Knowledge and planning are invaluable during a severe weather event. Having a predefined plan can save time when reacting to alerts and warnings. Identify where your safe spaces are and know the best ways to get to them. If you have to leave your home or office, set a specific location for your family or office staff to meet.

Other Tips

Sign-up for text alerts. There are many services that will send alerts to your phone. The city of Fort Worth mentions usingNixle. By simply texting your zip code to 888777 or downloading their application to your smartphone, can keep you up to date.

Be sure and check your supplies and plans periodically to ensure they are ready. Also, sign-up Wesleyan Emergency Management System (WEMS) notifications.

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