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The President's GEM Award: Developmental Programs

09.09.2014 | By:

At this year’s convocation, I spoke about our mission “to develop students to their full potential as individuals and as members of the world community.” 

With my next GEM Award, I would like to recognize faculty and adjunct faculty members that are charged with “going the extra mile” to fulfill our mission statement from the first moment many students step foot on campus.

The next GEM Award goes to Developmental Programs:

  • Lisa Scott
  • Teri Anglim
  • Terry Antoine
  • Carey Hix
  • Mary Landers
  • Sharon Peters
  • La Vern Ross
  • Carl Wade

Under the direction of Scott, the Developmental Programs team is dedicated to preparing incoming domestic and international students for college-level courses, giving them the foundation to succeed at Texas Wesleyan.

In the last four years, sections of our Developmental Programs have grown from 12 to 42. In addition to expanding their programs, they recognized the need to recruit international students to tutor other students with language needs. Together with her team, Scott collaborated with other departments across campus to develop this extended tutoring program.

The hard work and dedication of Developmental Programs sets the stage for incoming students’ success, so we all may continue the important work of developing our students to their full potential. 

Please join me in congratulating the Developmental Programs team for a job well done.


Frederick G. Slabach