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Turn controllers into careers: Jobs you can get in gaming

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All those hours playing video games could pay off. Careers in the esports industry are blowing up — which means you don’t have to forfeit your hobby for a career.  

In 2019, esports grew by 185% and then grew another 5% in 2021 according to Esports Insider. Insider Intelligence also predicts that United States esports viewers will get to 34.8 million in 2026. That’s over 10% of the U.S. population — talk about a big market.  

So, how do you dive into a career in esports? It all starts with a great partnership between Texas Wesleyan’s sports communication degree and esports program. Even if you’re not an experienced gamer, there are plenty of jobs to dive into the esports industry and set yourself up for success. 

Majoring in esports

While Texas Wesleyan doesn’t have a set “esports” major, you can major in sports communication and focus specifically on the gaming industry. Your expert professors will help you customize your degree, internships and practicum experiences into opportunities to work in esports, like esports-related social media, event planning, broadcasting and more. It’s a great way to lead up to a career in several different gaming areas.  

You’ll also take classes in public relations, digital design and editing, sports communication & branding and more. Better yet? Tack on a business administration minor to shoot for more managerial roles, like video game manager, esports production manager and esports operations manager, just to name a few. 

See our Sports Communication major

Get real-world experience in esports

You can level up your skills and make that resume pop by joining the TXWES esports program. It’s not only a great career move, but a great way to make friends and have some fun too.  

Our esports program offers several different ways to join in. (You don't even have to be a gamer!) 

  • Be a competitive gamer and play games like Valorant and Smash Ultimate 
  • Be a social media guru and help make content for Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and more 
  • Be an event planner and help students learn more about our program, gaming, pop culture and more 

The best part? You can even get paid for your passion. The esports program offers paid student positions — and we’re one of the only North Texas colleges to offer esports scholarships.  

See how to join Esports

Careers in esports

Once you bag that degree, you’ll be ready to enter a career in esports. From gaming careers to graphic design and public relations, you’ll have plenty of ways to work in the industry. 

Gaming Specialist 

National Average Salary: $35-55K a year 

Gaming specialists can work in a variety of different ways, from helping improve game technology to helping set up games for different services – like kids in a hospital. You’ll help create, launch and monitor games and give feedback on the user experience. You can then level up your career into  gaming management. 

Graphic Designer  

National Average Salary: $60K a year 

Graphic designers can help not only create visual elements for video games, but also work helping with marketing and social media design. As a graphic designer, you’ll work with computer software to create 2D and 3D visuals, including designing logos, websites, promotional materials, screen savers … and yes, elements for video games.  


National Average Salary: $62K a year 

Did you know you could report specifically on video games? As a journalist, you can focus on specific topics, known as “beats,” like esports. You’ll research, write and maybe even create a podcast or vlog about the esports industry.  

Content Creator 

National Average Salary: $64K a year 

As a content creator, you can work to develop, analyze and edit blogs, articles, social media posts, promotional pieces and more. In the gaming industry, a content creator can take video, audio and other visual elements and turn them into different content to promote games, brands, teams and more. You may also write about team successes, different games or come up with campaigns to help launch new promotions. 

Public Relations Specialist 

National Average Salary: $66K a year 

Want to make a gaming organization or team sparkle in the spotlight? Be a public relations specialist. It will be your job to bring a positive appearance to the team through creating awareness. You’ll write media releases, host press conferences and form key relationships with people around the community to push the team or organization into a more public light.  

Product Manager 

National Average Salary: $90K a year 

This is where adding that business administration minor can give you a great boost. Many product managers have knowledge of business strategies to help oversee the research and development of products — like video games, consoles, controllers, computers and more. It will be your job to fully understand the company’s product so you can plan budgets and schedules, make release plans and help with marketing promotions to get the product to the shelves. 

Event Producer 

National Average Salary: $64K a year 

Ever wanted to go to the League of Legends World Championship? Or Gamescom? As an event producer, you’ll not only attend events, but plan, coordinate and oversee them! You’ll work with various organizations and vendors to put together special events to help promote your organization or client's products or services. That could mean putting together big gaming tournaments, trade shows, cosplays and more.  

Esports Producer 

National Average Salary: $70K a year 

Like putting on a good show? As an esports producer, it’s your job to do just that! You’ll help write scripts, help stage video and audio production and work with commentators and gamers to produce a show that will capture a large audience. Whether it’s a live-streamed online game or putting on a production at a large event, you’ll work to keep the audience entertained and engaged. 

With Texas Wesleyan's sports communication degree and esports team, a career in esports is in your line of sight. Get started today by applying to Texas Wesleyan or getting more information on our sports communication degree and our esports team.

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