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TXWES Esports Scores Big Win in NACE Starleague Conference Championship

04.23.2024 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Esports students at championship

In an electrifying match, TXWES Esports' Overwatch team emerged victorious in their NACE Starleague conference championship, marking a significant milestone in their growth as a team, especially with a first year coach at the helm.

Facing off against the previously undefeated Keiser University, TXWES displayed remarkable skill and teamwork, securing a solid 3-1 win. The road to victory wasn't a smooth ride, though. TXWES started the season with a shaky 1-2 record. However, they refused to be deterred by early setbacks. With the guidance of Assistant Director Michael Nguyen, who was also in his debut season, they bounced back strong. "We had a hard time adjusting to the new updates and playstyle that came along with it. We had to make some alterations when it came to the roster to help navigate the change,” said Michael Nguyen, assistant director of esports.

The team made some strategic changes going into the spring season. They brought in new players and enlisted the help of seasoned coach Michael Meader, also known as Meadxr in the esports world, from Esports Performance Academy. Additionally, former TXWES Esports player Lukien Sheremeta pitched in as a coach, contributing to the team's growth and development throughout the season. The team, consisting of Bryce Edwards, Jaalen Williams, Daryl Culpepper, DJ Weathersby, Jackson Loya, Gabe Murphy and Xavier Rodriguez, prioritized trust and teamwork throughout the season. They achieved this by fostering strong relationships both on and off the field. Additionally, Robert Shannahan played a crucial role in regularly streaming the team’s matches. This not only kept fans engaged but also showcased their skills to a broader audience. Gabe Murphy, senior DPS player, expressed, "Our bond is tight because we all share a deep passion for gaming, something we've been doing for years. Gaming serves as an escape for many, and playing with my teammates, who are also my friends, strengthens our connection and unity." Beyond gaming, the team engaged in various activities together, fostering camaraderie and unity. This solidarity translated into their gameplay, allowing them to adapt and overcome challenges seamlessly. In a remarkable feat, TXWES Esports defeated Albright College, an undefeated team in the regular season, not once but twice, securing their spot in the playoffs. Their journey culminated in a hard fought showdown against the previously undefeated conference giants Keiser University, where TXWES Esports clinched the conference championship, laying the foundation of what the team hopes is an enduring legacy for the university.

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