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Student Organization Re-Registration and Standards

Student Organization Re-Registration

Any student organization using any facilities of Texas Wesleyan University or seeking to benefit from association with the University in any way is required to register with Student Activities each academic semester and to participate in an organization orientation session each academic semester.

Registration does not imply endorsement by the University or the viewpoints, objectives or purposes of the organization, and the University is not responsible for programs which registered organizations present.

Re-registration Process

Please complete the following steps to re-register your student organization at the beginning of each semester:

  1. Student Organizations must re-register with Student Activities within the first two weeks of class at the beginning of each fall semester by completing an annual registration on Ram Space.
  2. Each organization will be expected to have their advisor sign a letter of agreement each year indicating the advisors continued agreement to fulfill the expectations of an organization advisor as outlined by the Division of Student Affairs.
  3. The Organization President or Lead Member will receive a current copy of the “Student Organization Handbook” from Student Activities and is responsible for reading the “Texas Hazing Laws” to the organization every semester.
  4. Organizations must maintain a minimum of five (5) active members. If an organization’s membership falls below the required (5) members, that organization shall have (1) semester probation period in which to meet the requirement. If the organization fails to meet the requirement, Student Activities may request that representatives from the organization appear before the Coordinator for Student Activities to determine if recognition of this organization is to continue.
  5. The organization President or Lead Member must meet with the Coordinator for Student Activities at least once per academic year.
  6. All organizations as a whole must maintain at least a 2.25 GPA overall.
  7. If an organization completes part but not all of the registration process, it shall be placed on inactive status until the entire registration process is complete.

Loss of Registered Status

A student organization found in violation of federal, state or local laws, the Code of Student Conduct, any University policy is subject, after a hearing, to disciplinary sanctions and may be placed on probation for one or more semesters. If another violation occurs during the probationary period, the student organization will be placed on suspension for one year and will lose its status as a registered organization along with permission to operate at Texas Wesleyan University. Until the organization is declared to be, once again, in good standing with the University, it may not re-apply for registered status.

Policy on Notification of any Changes in Student Organization Status

The Coordinator for Student Activities and the Advisor for the group must be notified within 10 days of changes in the organization’s constitution, officers, advisors, time or location of regular meetings, name or affiliation with the national organization. 

Changes in name, purpose, or affiliation with a national organization must be approved by the Coordinator for Student Activities before such changes become operational. Denial of changes may be appealed to the Assistant Dean of Students. Final decisions on change requests will reside with the Dean of Student and will not be subject to appeal.

Honor Societies

Because some honor societies exist primarily to confer academic honors and do not hold meetings or have events, such honor societies may not be required to have officers or attend mandatory training. The Coordinator for Student Activities will have the final determination in whether the organization must attend such training.

Student Organization Standards

  1. Texas Wesleyan student organizations must conform to all applicable local/state/national laws and Texas Wesleyan policies in all of their policies and practices. Texas Wesleyan student organizations will not engage in, encourage, condone or support illegal activities such as hazing, sexual harassment, gambling, illegal drugs, or underage drinking.
  2. Texas Wesleyan student organizations with national affiliation, including fraternities and sororities, must meet both the minimum standards developed by the national organization and those established by the university. If national standards conflict with Texas Wesleyan Policies, Texas Wesleyan Policies will supersede.
  3. Texas Wesleyan student organizations are responsible for and accountable to Student Engagement for the conduct of their members and guest both off and on-campus.
    1. Conduct: conduct which causes discredit or embarrassment to an individual, a group, or to the University may cause a person or an organization to be subject to disciplinary action.
    2. Social Events: student organizations are expected to conduct all social functions (on and off-campus) with adherence to the regulations of Texas Wesleyan, civil law, and their own policies (local and national). Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.
    3. Texas Wesleyan student organizations will demonstrate support for the academic achievement of their members. Texas Wesleyan student organizations are not allowed to host events during finals week as defined by the university calendar. The last day student organizations can host events during the long semester is the Tuesday before finals week.
    4. Texas Wesleyan student organizations will demonstrate a commitment to multicultural enhancement and be supportive of the concepts of non-discrimination, affirmative action, and equal opportunity.

Representing a Student Organization in Relation with the University

Only the members listed on the current “Semester Registration Form” as officers may speak for or represent the organization in relations with The University. Only these members are permitted to make room reservations, schedule outdoor events, reserve banner space, and conduct other business for the organization.