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Rammy nominations wanted

04.08.2019 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
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The Division of Student Affairs seeks nominations for the third annual Rammy Awards. The Rammys recognizes and honors student leaders who have made a measurable impact on their peers, the campus or in their community over the 2018-2019 academic year. Nominations will be accepted until Friday, April 12.

Submit your nominations

Please read the award descriptions below:

The Key Award: The five recipients of this award have exhibited integrity and, collaboration while undergoing, and intellectual, emotional, and social growth.

Heart of Wesleyan: This award honors a student who has worked to build positive transformation in the community and world.

Trailblazer Award: This award honors students who have devoted their time and effort to blaze a trail in their community while embodying the tenets of servant leadership.

Emerging Leader: This award honors three students who exemplify leadership through campus and/or community involvement.

Ram Award: Awarded to the student who best exemplifies the spirit of Wesleyan through involvement, participation, and leadership.

Student Affairs Excellence Award: This award honors a student whose involvement on campus has greatly assisted in accomplishing the goals of the Division of Student Affairs while enriching the student experience on campus.

Exceptional Student Support: Presented to a faculty or staff member who has done exceptional work through their commitment to supporting students in their growth, development, and success.

Advisor of the Year: This is presented to an advisor of an officially registered student organization that has done an exceptional job in their role. 

Student Organization of the Year: The Student Organization of the Year recognizes outstanding contributions of student organizations. The organization must have contributed to the University campus through initiatives events that reflect their mission and have significantly impacted the Texas Wesleyan community.

Outstanding Event of the Year:  his award honors a student organization whose event had a positive impact on the Texas Wesleyan community while serving as a learning opportunity for organization members.

Model of Noted Greek Excellence: Recognizes a single member of the Greek community who has made significant contributions to both the Greek and campus community through modeling leadership, service, development, and purpose.

Hall of the Year: This award recognizes an exceptional staff team for creating a vibrant community, for supporting their residents and each other, and for their overall positive contribution to campus life.  

Program of the Year: This award recognizes a program that went above and beyond to engage students and help them to feel like they are part of a strong community. 

We hope that you will join us in showing appreciation for those who exemplify what it means to be a Ram.

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