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Workshop Wednesdays: Combating Procrastination

02.19.2018 | By:

This week's Workshop Wednesday is about one of the hardest barriers to getting things done: Procrastination. Whether it's homework, chores or simply getting out of bed, procrastination is a part of everyone life. We're going to give you some free tools you can use to reprioritize and kick procrastination to the curb.


Trello is an organization tool that for projects with both individuals and groups that allows you to check up and check off each stage of an assignment. Allows you to create labels and tabs for easy organization.

Cold Turkey

Need help staying off Youtube, Netflix, or other distraction websites? Cold Turkey allows you to block wondering to any other sites outside of your specified list of approves sites to allow you to focus and not be tempted to wonder while getting assignments done. 


To do list is a general organization tool to schedule your tasks, set reminders and stay on track with your deadlines.