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TXWES students’ innovative health idea wins global student competition

05.12.2021 | By:

Two Texas Wesleyan students and their innovative idea to solve a pressing global health issue has received international praise.

Raul Montes, a sophomore biology major, and Sheryl Vu, a senior psychology major, along with two other students from Nigeria and the United Kingdom, beat out more than 30 teams from around the world to win the United Nations Sustainable Goals Competition.

The teams were tasked to create a solution to address an urgent global health issue. Montes, Vu and the two other students, who formed the team The Mending Minds, came up with a wristband and app which would detect levels of cortisol, the body’s stress hormone, and measure the user’s body temperature and pulse to gauge stress levels. It would then alert the user when those levels are too high.

“Mental health is an ever-increasing problem that has been intensified during the [COVID-19] pandemic. Thanks to this wristband, you will be advised on your phone to take action when it detects you are stressed,” said Montes.

The Mending Minds were among the three teams chosen to present their solution at Innovation to Action, an annual global health conference, held virtually this year, that fuses innovation and collaboration centered around human health.

“We had the opportunity to hear from professionals, doctors, public health experts, youth leaders and students from all over the world,” said Vu. “I found my interest in public health and strengthened my passion for mental health through this competition. I am grateful for such an amazing opportunity. “

Montes, an international student, hopes this success helps other students realize they can achieve their big dreams.

“Since I came three years ago to the U.S., all my endeavors have been directed towards making the possibility of getting into medical school a reality,” said Montes. “I want to demonstrate that I have what it takes to get there and inspire all international students not to be pulled back from accomplishing their dreams, especially if they want to make a better community and construct a promising future.”

Check out the winning presentation.