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Careers in Computer Science

As a computer science major, you'll learn how to apply higher-level thinking to solve complex problems with new technology. With a degree in computer science, you're ready to invent, apply new theories, develop language, design programs and more.

Become a computer scientist or programmer

As a computer scientist, you'll work as a theorist, researcher or inventor to apply your expertise to solve problems using new technology. You can work at a university in areas such as complexity theory, hardware or programming-laguage design or you can work in the private sector in areas such as applying theory, designing program tools or knowledge-based systems.

Researcher Designer
Scientist Systems Programmer
Scientific Applications Programming

Become a systems analyst

As a systems analyst, you deal with large scale systems, the interactions within and solve computer problems individually. You could design new systems or create new software to effectively use an existing system. Systems analysts usually work with one specific program and could also be called a systems developer or systems architect.

Analyst Quality Assurance
Design Specialty Systems
Support Development

Become a software engineer

As a software engineer, you'll use theories and the basics of computer science, engineering principles and project management to develop quality software products.

Software Engineer  

Work in the non-technical field

With a degree in computer science, you'll be ready to work in software support and writing technical manuals for software. You'll also have the knowledge to market or sell software products.

Customer & Product Support Technical Writing
Sales & Marketing