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Careers in English

As an English major, you're learning important communication skills such as how to think critically, write well and speak clearly, which is a big plus for many jobs after graduation. Take a look at just a few job titles you'll be qualified for with your degree in English. Keep in mind, a few of these positions require you to go to graduate school.

Become a writer or editor

You can get a job working for a newspaper, magazine, book publisher and more. These organizations make up almost 25% of jobs for writers and editors. You can also work in education, advertising, radio and television. Almost every company you know has a writing position that you can apply for after graduation.

Journalist Copywriter
Editor Reporter
Technical Writer  

Get a job in advertising, marketing, public relations and sales

There is always a demand for more promotion in today's world. As an advertising manager, you would oversee promotions and a staff, manage in-house accounts, develop creative and more. In marketing, you'd help develop strategies and estimate demand for a product. In public relations, you'd handle an organization's publicity and public image. Each of these jobs requires you to use your critical thinking and effective communication skills.

Marketing Manager Advertising Manager
Public Relations Specialist Product Manager
Marketing Analyst Account Executive
Market Research  

Go to graduate school

With your degree in English, you're ready to get your graduate degree in many different areas. Your critical thinking skills and public speaking will help you succeed in law school and later become a lawyer. Your effective communication will come in handy if you want to become a librarian.

Librarian Lawyer