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History professor receives prestigious Earl Brown Distinguished Faculty Award

Texas Wesleyan history faculty member, Alistair Maeer

The history program is pleased to announce that this year's Earl Brown Distinguished Faculty award recipient is Associate Professor of History Alistair Maeer, who was nominated and selected by the faculty. The award was announced at the faculty assembly on Dec. 1. As part of this honor, Maeerwill speak at this year’s fall commencement ceremony on Dec. 17.

Dr. Maeer's focus is on themes that connect peoples and places across the Atlantic, highlighting the shared histories of the Americas, Africa and Europe; specifically how historical cartography and imagery can be used to illuminate and better understand historical attitudes and realities since the Middle Ages.

As a teacher, his overriding concern is to encourage students to take an active role in learning. He blends social, political, intellectual and cultural histories to emphasize the multitude of perspectives and experiences that exist in any society. In his own words, Dr. Maeer sees teaching "as an open dialogue in which free discussions give everyone involved a new perspective on the subject."

The Earl Brown Distinguished Faculty Award was established in 1986 to honor Texas Wesleyan faculty who display quality in the areas of teaching, research, community involvement, college service and personal integrity. The award was established by an anonymous donor to recognize the distinguished contributions of Dr. Earl Brown for whom the award was named, and who was its first recipient.  

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