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History Professor Receives Exemplary Teacher of the Year

04.15.2021 | By:
Professor of history at Texas Wesleyan University

The history program is pleased to announce that this year's United Methodist Church's Exemplary Teacher of the Year award recipient is Associate Professor of History Christopher Ohan. The award was announced at the faculty assembly on April 8. As part of this honor, Ohan will speak at this year’s spring commencement ceremony.

Asked about the award this year, Dr. Ohan said, "Teaching at this time in our nation's history is an excercise in humilty.  Much of how we knew the American past is being rexamined in the current climate, infomed by last year's killing of George Floyd." He said, "Much of what I thought about race and progress in this nation has been shattered.  Teaching at this time now entails more listening, self-examination, and critical reflection that focuses on empathy rather than just understanding."  To that end, he will be offering a special topics course in Summer 2021, "US Civil Rights: from the Bill of Rights to Black Lives Matter."

In addition to offering the US history survey, Dr. Ohan specilaizes in medieval and Early Modern European history.  He offers classes in European and world history, including Modern Latin America, Ancient Greece and Rome, and the Crusades.  Students in the history program especially appreciate Dr. Ohan's dry humor and passionate delivery of course material. 

Prior to coming to Texas Wesleyan in 2014, Dr. Ohan spent a dozen years teaching European history courses overseas at the American University of Kuwait and in Russia.  According to Ohan, "I have come full circle. I graduated with a BA in History from Texas Wesleyan, saw a bit of the world and then returned home."  

The United Methodist Church’s General Board of Higher Education and Ministry selects the recipient of its Exemplary Teacher of the Year Award. It recognizes educators that were nominated by their institution’s leader for exceptional service to the school and excellence in education.

For more information about Dr. Ohan, or the Texas Wesleyan History Program, visit the History Program's Webpage.