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History Students Attend Medieval Conference

03.03.2022 | By:
Medieval History Conference 2022

Texas Wesleyan students and faculty participated in the Fifth Annual MEMNTO Conference in Medieval and Early Modern Studies on Feb. 26. This unique interdisciplinary undergraduate conference, hosted by Austin College, provided an opportunity for interested students, who are often at institutions with few medieval and early modern professors, to experience the diversity of academic approaches to this fascinating period. 

The day's keynote delivered by Dr. Mark Rosen was entitled "Ways of Seeing a Bird's-Eye View." 

Two Texas Wesleyan history students presented papers:

  • Sara Allen, "How Pagan Beliefs Paved the Way for Christianity Among the Vikings"
  • Danielle McKinney, "Executing Medicine: The Evolution of an Executioner's Medical Career and Sixteenth-Century Medical Reform"

Dr. Alistair Maeer also moderated one of the sessions. For more information about this and other opportunities through the Texas Wesleyan History Program, visit Follow us on social media: Facebook texaswesleyanhistory and Instagram @txweshistory.

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