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Public history class visits Log Cabin Village

10.11.2018 | By:
Dr. Stegman's Public History Class (HIS 4318) Visits Log Cabin Village, October 11, 2018

History students toured Fort Worth's Log Cabin Village as part of Dr. Stegman's HIS 4318 Public History class on Oct. 11. Historic Site Supervisor Rena Lawrence spoke to the group about the museum's living history exhibition, its artifacts and her own career as a historian. Students were also able to tour the six log houses dating back to the mid-19th century that makes up the museum's primary artifacts. In several, they interacted with historical interpreters who depict the lifestyle of those lived during Texas' pioneer era.

Texas Wesleyan's course in public history allows history majors to explore the different methods used by historians in the field of public history, including archives, museums and oral history. It acquaints them with non-teaching career options available to those with degrees in History. For more information about this class or the History Program at Texas Wesleyan, please visit


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