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Texas Wesleyan history program hosts student conference

02.17.2018 | By:
Students attending MEMNTO conference welcome by Provost Allen Henderson and Keynote by Dr. Danielle Joyner in Lou's.

On Saturday, Feb. 17, the History Program at Texas Wesleyan hosted nearly 75 students and faculty from North Texas and Southern Oklahoma at the Second Annual Conference of the Medievalists and Early Modernists of North Texas and Oklahoma (MEMNTO). This unique interdisciplinary undergraduate conference provided an opportunity for interested students, who are often at institutions with few medieval and early modern professors, to experience the diversity of academic approaches to this fascinating period. 

The day's keynote delivered by Dr. Danielle Joyner, author and Visiting Professor of Art at Southern Methodist University, was entitled "The Art of Time in the Middle Ages," which explored the medieval computus, the method of medieval calendar making and notions of time.

Six Texas Wesleyan students presented at the conference; from left to right MacKenzie Redmon, Alanna James, Lane Kelly (top), Clark Williams, Andrea Upadhya, Meagan Morris (bottom).

Six Texas Wesleyan students presented research on topics including the Crusades, the Renaissance, and the Reformation. Sessions were chaired by area graduate students, making the entire experience--from undergraduate and graduate students, to authors and faculty—a learning community for all.

The conference was organized by Dr. Alistair Maeer, Assistant Professor of History, and generously funded by Texas Wesleyan's School of Natural and Social Sciences. For more information about this and other opportunities in the Texas Wesleyan History Program, visit

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